Insane Steam Car” is the new interesting work of the Italian producer Dave Cotr.

“It all started with a change in the software used to write/record the music – says Dave Cotr -. Each track was written from a rather simplistic synth idea, in the initial writing phase I had to write and record very quickly in order not to lose focus on the basic idea, which still had to remain very simple. Then I would add the bass and drum lines and only at the end the guitar, which I did not want to play a predominant role on the project (although in some tracks it seems to be the case), trying to maintain a coherence between the various instruments. I decided to avoid overcomplicated ideas and too many chords, just a few sections per track. In the end, what I am going to tell is a personal story and expresses feelings and emotions I felt. My words may not be quite right but where words don’t come, music does”.