Chrysanthemum” is the first track of the release created by the producer Eldon Loblein. The track attempts to bridge the gap between drum and bass and orchestral sounds. “Moon Milk” was inspired by Italo Calvino’s The Distance of the Moon, using vintage recorded elements to evoke images of space, time, and gravity. Vespers is a melancholic meditation; inspired loosely by religious iconography and gilded forms.

The tracks were recorded over the course of several years, while Loblein divided his time between other art forms, including graphic design and fine art.

The music incorporates heavily-layered sound design, and arranged strings. It avoids formulaic beats and samples, instead building sounds from the ground up. The sounds serve as ‘threads in a cloth’, moving in tandem but often preventing any one voice from taking center stage“, says Eldon Loblein.

Eldon Loblein is a classically-trained violinist and composer, and electronic/cinematic producer. Eldon Loblein recorded and produced all material in a small home studio, with help from Andy Sorenson (recording engineer) and Lydia McClain Sorenson (female vox).