Betageist is the brainchild of electronic artist Kevin Heber, a multi-instrumentalist, audio software engineer, and producer based in Indianapolis. Heber’s ethereal sound blends elements of electronica with various genres of rock, including progressive, psychedelic, ambient, and post-rock to make an all ncompassing sound that travels far and wide. Leaning in on the experimental and the ambiental sounds ou can create through reverb drenched guitars, drum machines and a layering of synths and other instruments, Betageist has already released a plethora of dream-like songs that transcend beyond the norm.

Birthing this one of a kind sound, Betageist now releases his seventh studio single, ‘Blue Shift’. An epic and truly beautiful array of soundscapes and textures, he once again branches into the world of electronica with ease. Channeling the energy of feeling alive on a planet which is a miraculous concept in tself, Kevin captures this essence perfectly with a wash of visceral percussion loops and arpeggiated synths that float you away into his dreamy atmosphere.

Taking influence from inspirational artists such as Tangerine Dream, Tycho, and Schiller, Betageist implements his own style with modern and cross-genre production techniques that stand out from the crowd. ‘Blue Shift’ is full of dreamy textures and prog intonations, all while presenting an emotional undertone that literally takes you away into his own unique sound world.

The opening track of his forthcoming sophomore album ‘Luminous Exile’, ‘Blue Shift’ is a high on life track that embodies a real spiritual element to it, and is a real journey of an offering that showcases Betageist’s full and ever expanding musical bow. Electro pop meets experimental electronica in ‘Blue Shift’, and the result is something truly special and ever resonating.