Better Together Records is thrilled to announce an inspiring and powerful track titled “I Think It’s Time“. This melodic house single is a phenomenal collaboration between acclaimed DJs and producers EMMBER and LAVENGE, featuring the exceptional vocal talent of rising pop artist Nordi Blu.

I Think It’s Time” is a fusion of progressive house and techno elements, underlined by a robust techno kick. The track captures the universal sentiment of letting go – of past regrets, of unfulfilling relationships, of everything that holds us back. It’s not just a composition; it’s a liberation anthem for listeners worldwide.

The collaboration sees EMMBER, celebrated for her high-energy yet commercially appealing style, and LAVENGE, an artist renowned for his open-format DJing and wide-ranging production talents, synergizing their diverse styles to create a dynamic, unforgettable experience.

Nordi Blu’s fiery yet gritty vocals add an emotional depth to the track, enhancing the liberating narrative crafted during a deeply personal shared writing session.

This single holds a special significance for Better Together Records. A connection sparked immediately when EMMBER, LAVENGE, and Nordi Blu met during the pandemic, well before the creation of the label. Now, “I Think It’s Time” symbolizes a full-circle moment as these talented artists have finally come together in the studio to produce this empowering anthem, exemplifying the very ethos that brought the label into existence.

Experience the sonic journey of “I Think It’s Time” – a testament to the beauty of collaborative creation and the power of music in helping us to let go and move forward.