The track “Playing Ball” by the British producer Richard Lavers is a groovy, psychedelic, electronic music representation of a psychological/physiological healing journey.

Richard Lavers, 59, Cambridge graduate, is originally from South Devon, England, but since going to Cambridge at 18 he has lived all over the UK, including 9 years in London. Now based on the North Wales coast, UK, although always angling to live somewhere much more flashy.

Growing up in a frankly tortured dysfunctional family, Richard was often lonely and drifted off into a world of dreams, which were constantly fuelled by the wonders of entertainments like films, music and books. He wanted to contribute his own creative works to this marvellous canon, and started big-time introspection and reading to find some truths worth saying. The musical tracks he creates are a diverse mixture of ones he sings and produces himself or ones he pays session musicians to create, and all originals are all written by him.

Richard has also written a book of poetry, a book of comedy sketches and drawn cartoons conveying interesting concepts. And meanwhile, always exploring the world and people. Richard does of course harbour constant dreams of being big-time rich and famous.