Jantoje’s “Runaway,” featuring Beach Season and remixed by YesYou, is a stunning example of indietronica at its finest, and we’re thrilled to feature it on our webzine. Released under Mammal Sounds Records, this track is a vibrant blend of rhythmic complexity and melodic finesse.The remix opens with a crisp, syncopated beat that immediately grabs your attention. YesYou’s production showcases a masterful use of rhythm, creating a dynamic foundation that propels the track forward. The bassline is a standout element, delivering a deep, pulsating groove that adds both depth and energy. It seamlessly complements the airy synths and lush vocal harmonies provided by Beach Season.As the track progresses, layers of intricate percussion build and intertwine, enhancing the overall texture without overwhelming the listener. The subtle yet effective changes in the drum patterns keep the listener engaged, adding a sense of progression and evolution throughout the song.The vocal performance is both soulful and ethereal, perfectly fitting the dreamy atmosphere YesYou creates.

The remix retains the emotional core of the original while adding a fresh, danceable energy that is sure to resonate with fans of indietronica.”Runaway” is a track that not only entertains but also invites you to lose yourself in its intricate soundscape. This is a remix that we highly recommend and are proud to spotlight.