Pastel’s latest single, “Maba,” released under Helix Records, is a captivating dive into the vibrant world of Latin House. The track exudes an infectious energy that is both happy and invigorating, making it a standout in today’s music scene.From the moment “Maba” begins, the rhythmic elements grab your attention. The percussion is meticulously crafted, blending traditional Latin beats with the driving force of house music. This fusion creates a groove that is impossible to resist, urging listeners to move to the rhythm.The bassline is another highlight, delivering a deep and resonant pulse that anchors the track. It’s powerful yet subtle enough to allow the intricate percussion and melodic elements to shine.

The interplay between the bass and the rhythm section is seamless, creating a dynamic foundation that propels the track forward.Pastel’s production skills are on full display here, with each layer of the track contributing to its overall energetic feel. The vibrant melodies and uplifting harmonies add to the sense of euphoria that “Maba” brings.Overall, “Maba” is a testament to Pastel’s ability to craft feel-good music that transcends genres. We’re thrilled to feature this track on our webzine, and we believe it will be a hit on dance floors everywhere.