Daniel Cuda and Vaxx have crafted an exhilarating track with “Set Me Free,” a brilliant fusion of Tech House, Minimal House, and Deep House, released under Paul’s Boutique label. This track has captivated us, and we’re thrilled to feature it on our webzine.“Set Me Free” opens with a crisp, driving rhythm that immediately sets an energetic tone. The percussion is intricate yet balanced, creating a steady groove that compels movement. The bassline is the track’s backbone, throbbing with a deep, resonant pulse that’s both hypnotic and uplifting. This powerful combination of rhythm and bass creates a happy, energetic atmosphere, perfect for both club settings and personal playlists.The production is clean and minimal, with subtle layers that gradually build, adding depth without overwhelming the listener.

The interplay between the percussive elements and the bassline is masterful, showcasing the duo’s skill in creating a cohesive and dynamic sound. The track’s minimalist approach allows each element to shine, making the overall listening experience both engaging and refreshing.“Set Me Free” is a standout track that exemplifies the best of modern house music. Daniel Cuda and Vaxx have delivered a piece that is sure to be a favorite among fans of the genre, and we’re excited to see what they will produce next.