George Smeddles’ latest track “Waiting,” released on South Records, is a refreshing dive into the realms of Tech House and old-school House. Right from the start, the track captivates with its infectious rhythm, setting an upbeat tone that makes it impossible not to move. The percussion is sharp and crisp, layering perfectly to create a groove that’s both happy and energetic, ideal for any dance floor.

One of the standout features of “Waiting” is its bassline. It drives the track forward with a deep, rolling quality that adds a sense of urgency and excitement. The bass is not just a supporting element but a central piece that holds the track together, providing a solid foundation for the other elements to shine.

Smeddles expertly balances the old-school house vibes with modern tech house elements, crafting a sound that feels both nostalgic and fresh. The track’s progression is smooth, with subtle builds and drops that maintain high energy without overwhelming the listener.

In summary, “Waiting” is a stellar addition to George Smeddles’ repertoire and a track that we are thrilled to feature on our webzine. Its rhythmic precision and dynamic bassline make it a standout piece in the current house music landscape.