Robbie Doherty’s latest track, “Work It,” released under neXup recz, is an exuberant addition to the Tech House and Old-school House genres. This high-energy piece instantly captivates with its infectious rhythm and driving bassline, embodying a retro flair while maintaining a contemporary edge.

The rhythmic structure of “Work It” is a standout feature. Doherty skillfully layers crisp, punchy beats that create a dynamic and danceable groove. The percussion elements are meticulously arranged, offering a compelling mix of classic house vibes and modern production techniques. The rhythm section propels the track forward, making it an irresistible call to the dance floor.

The bassline in “Work It” is equally impressive, characterized by its deep, rolling quality. It provides a solid foundation that perfectly complements the energetic tempo, enhancing the overall happy and lively atmosphere of the track. The bassline’s old-school house influences are clear, yet it’s infused with a fresh twist that keeps it relevant and exciting.

“Work It” by Robbie Doherty is a track that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed and are delighted to feature on our webzine. Its spirited rhythm and robust bassline make it a perfect addition to any Tech House or House set, promising to uplift and energize listeners with every beat.