John Darque’s debut album SIREN on SPRINGSTOFF carries the listener through the twists and turns of mood and melancholy, with relentless abandon and drive.

Engulfing you within a disorienting fog of unrelenting kick drums, heavy industrial percussions and heady and nostalgic synths.

While staying true to the theme of past releases, these songs came to fruition through a different approach. Navigating many hours of jam sessions and improvisations, allowing inspiration to germinate and branch off into songs of their own. 

The raw and euphoric industrial-flavoured track, ‘Club Foot’, starts off the album. Revolving around a noisy hi-hat rhythm carried by a hypnotic bass. This energy intensifies in the title track ‘SIREN’ with a sea of distorted, rattling drums and sinister drones.

Washes of towering reverb define the emotional third track of the album ‘I Must Be Lonely’, descending into a world of bleak melancholy and solitude. While also haunting, ‘Hay Fever’ introduces new variables and lifts the brooding atmosphere prevailing throughout the album, with its dreamy chord progression and whirling, grainy percussions. 

In a similar vain, ‘America’s Favourite Breakfast Cereal’ offers a break from the heavy kick drums of the previous tracks. It leans into the dub side of techno, before the appropriately titled ‘Consistency’ returns to an ominous atmosphere with a driving and purposeful sense of direction. This slightly more toned-down and introspective intensity continues for the last two tracks of the album with ‘No Feeling Is Final’ seamlessly transitioning into the Albums last track ‘Blue Flowers’. A collage of ever-growing, dense ambient soundscapes, pulsing and intensifying with tireless rhythm.