Koncepcja Umyslu” is the latest work of Polish producer Kamil Kowalczyk. The track – published on the Prototyp Produktions Ltd label – is an interesting introspective journey inside the artistic mind of Kowalczyk. Experimental electronic music that intertwines with the desire to explore new frontiers of sound.

Kamil Kowalczyk is an accomplished electronic musician/audio artist who has been experimenting with electronic music and sounds since 2002. 

Originally from Poland, Kamil is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland, from where he produces his cutting edge music and performs live to spellbound audiences across Scotland and beyond. Kamil has always been interested in sounds, particularly “electronic sounds”, ie those created through using artificial devices like synths or through of the synthesis of different kinds of sounds, or “anything in-between”.

Since childhood he has had a fascination for listening to the sounds that surround us, the sounds created by nature, by machines, by everyday devices and everything which seems “unusual”. 

His first experiments with sounds came in 1996, when he began to use a simple old Casio keyboard and a tape deck, playing around and producing random-sounding “noise” and “drone”, without knowing the terms for such things existed. 

Around 2002 he started working with computers and software to compose his music and experiment with sounds. Since 2006 he has released nine albums in mp3 format on the renowned US net label ‘Zenapolae’. 

In 2010 Kamil made his live debut, playing atmospheric and boundary-breaking gigs to audiences at various venues in Scotland, Ireland, England and Poland. In the same year he also established his very first label, ‘Prototyp Produktions Ltd’, as a platform to release and promote his music and other audio visual works which will appear in the future. 

He is also running a concert series in Edinburgh called “Soundscapism”, a series of performances which are focused on ambient, drone, soundscape and space electronic music.