German producer Julian König sent us his latest work, “Sphere“: a surface-to-air missile that thrilled us. An energetic, acid, techno work. Dark atmospheres, wild claps and aggressive synth: just the way we like it.

“Unleash the full power of peaktime techno with my latest release on Renesanz Records”, says Julian König.

The DJ, who was born and raised in Southern Germany, has been an enthusiastic fan of electronic music, especially Progressive and Deep House, since his youth. First contacts with techno-events were established at the Nature One-festival at age 18. Since then he has been constantly expanding his musical horizon. Inspired by trips to Ibiza he started to regularly organize smaller raves in- and outdoors in 2014 and worked as a DJ for the first time live in front of an audience. The highlight of the privately organized raves was the annual Camping Stage at Nature One.

Performances at smaller clubs followed. Since then he has been deejaying, besides smaller gigs in Switzerland, at various locations such as the Douala (Ravensburg), Alfon X (Sigmaringen), Romantica (Stuttgart), Epplehaus (Tübingen), Basement (Reutlingen) as well as the Pano-Bar (Stuttgart). Since 2019 he has a residency at SUB ZERO (Reutlingen). He played at events with artists like Luca Agnelli, Ramiro Lopez, Spektre, The Yellowheads, Spartaque, Deniz Bul and Tube&Berger, among others. He can be found on Soundcloud with a techno-series called Inner Waves.

Julian König identifies with techno and strives to incorporate this in his productions. His sets consist of straight and melodically influenced techno. Owing to his broad musical repertoire, he can also impress with impulsive tech-house-sets. Julian König lives and breathes the fascination of techno.