We listen to “I Want To Be” by the German producer Robots of the 80s and we seem to really go back in time. A clear homage to Kraftwerk’s pioneering work, but with a more recent melody. Vocoders, arpeggios. What a show!

Are you ready to journey through the evolution of AI and its impact on our lives? Step into the world of technological advancement with The Robots of the 80s and their debut single, “I Want To Be”. Infused with a nostalgic touch, their analog synth sound will take you on a ride through time, exploring the rise of artificial intelligence.

But what do the robots themselves think about their existence? Rael and Xaio, the protagonists of The Robots of the 80s,  have been observing humans for years, and they know that they want to be robots. However, their confidence is met with deep insecurity, as they question their own identity and freedom.

The Robots of the 80s have chosen a minimal production approach and use derelict and vintage equipment to recreate the classic synth and wave sound of the 80s. They have been hiding for many years in the background, waiting for the time to step out of the shadows and share their history with us. 

With harmonic vocoder voices carrying the feelings of the robots directly into your heart, „I want to Be“ is a journey of discovery that will leave you wondering about the true nature of identity and the soul in the age of AI.