Producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Bravo Bonez, under his LearningToDive identity, is releasing the second single “Trust in Me”, off an upcoming EP. The single is to be released June 9th 2023. LearningToDive (LTD) as an identity, focuses on Bonez’s more serious thoughts and perspectives on society and the planet. Distinct from his usual upbeat, retro or lo-fi focused tones, LTD as an identity explores alternative themes with darker more complex layers.

The “Trust in Me” Backstory: If you haven’t been gaslit, you won’t know. This is a song for those who are being quietly persecuted, psychologically tortured, but who are unable to get the people around them, who should be able to help, to do so. Sometimes that is impossible to do, and is just a product of circumstance, but it doesn’t take away the suffering that is a product of the isolation and loneliness of being the target of gaslighting. What is gaslighting? It is a way for someone to control another by deliberately denying them the reality they know to be true. Many abusive relationships feature this. But it can also happen where others who are close or in a pastoral relationship will not accept the victims’ suffering is real. Many kids who have been bullied will attest to this. So “Trust in Me” is a message to those gaslighting victims out there, that there is someone that believes them.

“I didn’t realise at the time, but this track is somewhat influenced by the work of the late Terry
Hall…ex-The Specials, Fun Boy Three, The Colourfield. This is more trip hop than ska or pop,
but I feel some of the vocal delivery and production was unconsciously channelling that Terry Hall
sound. I pale against his talent, but glad I did what I did with this track. Thank you Terry“, says Bravo Bonez.

Download here.