Aftermath” is opening 3rd album by 2nd Accident. Took about year to make this record. In order to rework sound and approach I changed software. This record also been created with help of Music Producers such as Killa808 From Japan, Fume from Lithuania

The record been inspired by such music projects as: Sakura Tsuruta based in Japan, AES DANA from France, Utena Kobayashi From Japan, Juno Reactor, Maluns and more. 

The idea of soundtrack is recovery. Life has its challenges and hard times that may bring you down. But the power is not about avoiding falling. The power is about getting up.

With this record I tried to represents an image of peaceful and calm minded person that has been through some traumatizing events, recovered and now uses earned experience to move more smoothly through event of life. 

This soundtrack is a reminder for people that one day they will overcome their fears and problems. But we need to work to make this happen.