The track we have the honor to listen to today is “Red Planet (with Alpharaoh)“, the latest work by the American producer Nctrnm, an experimental electronic music producer and composer who draws from jazz, classical, and electronic dance music to create immersive soundscapes.

“I’m delighted to reveal that my new single “Red Planet” with Alpharaoh is launching on June 16th. It’s a flexible and lively track that cleverly mixes different genres, producing a highly appealing and rhythmic tune. It’s perfect for fans of ambient and experimental electronic music styles who are looking for something novel and distinctive. It’s also a proud component of Alpharaoh’s upcoming album, REQUIEM, a remarkable work showcasing his unique vision and creativity – said the producer Nctrnm – I composed the song with stems created by Alpharaoh and over the course of 2-3 months we collaborated online through waterfall series of phases. I employed some of his samples as one shots and some as fuller loops to create a truly unique oddessey. I would be grateful if you could check it out and consider sharing it with your audience. I think they would enjoy it as much as Alpharaoh and I enjoyed making it”.

Nctrnm released a trilogy of EPs in 2020, followed by NOVA in 2021, which was praised for its ambient textures and moody lo-fi compositions. In addition to his eclectic range of musical influences, Nctrnm’s own singing abilities have influenced his production. He has incorporated his own vocals in some compositions, adding an additional layer of emotion and expression to his soundscapes. Nctrnm’s music has gained traction on social media, particularly TikTok, and has been utilized in user videos viewed by millions. He released Moonlight and Crown in 2021, followed by “You,” “Fi,” and “ID” in 2022. The release of “Skins” in the same year further solidified his position as a noteworthy artist in experimental electronica music.

Despite facing adversity, including homelessness, Nctrnm has continued to push the boundaries of experimental electronic music, releasing a diverse range of EPs and albums that showcase his evolving sound.