The Fall Out” track is a classic Carl Borg work with crunchy drums, deep and catchy basslines and lots of cut-up samples and melodies from all kinds of different sources and places. Now professionally mixed and mastered, all sounds in both tracks have been carefully handled to sit perfect in the mix.

The track takes you on a journey through epic landscapes and mysterious places. It was written after an inspiring trip to Marocco around 2007, so it has that exotic and experimental vibe to it. Would fit great in more experimental and alternative playlists, like Trip Hop or Jazztronica for example.

Carl Åborg who goes by the artist name Carl Borg is a Swedish producer, sound designer and film music composer. Carl started making electronic music at the age of 14. He found his way into house music after buying a Yamaha A3000 sampler, sampling through his friends and parents vinyl collections. In 2004 he began to tour through Europe, South Africa and Russia together with Forss (Eric Wahlforss) as Forss Versus Borg. Playing live-sets consisting of both up-tempo house tracks and experimental glitchy electronica.

Carls debut release, the classic 12 inch Splinter Body Scene EP, was released on German label Sonar Kollektiv during that same time. Since then he has released several EPs, remixes and produced a number of original soundtracks throughout the years. One of the soundtracks, Tasteology Soundtrack made for House of Radon in Stockholm, has today over 20 million streams on Spotify.

With several tracks on the platforms largely popular playlists like Peace and Sleep. Carl played an important part of the band project SFB, The Stoner + Forss + Carl Borg, a fusion of acoustic jazz and live electronica. The project resulted in a number of live gigs around Sweden, and later the album The Lektor Tapes on Gothenburg based label Hoob Records. Inside Switch EP is Carls follow-up to recently released Hidden Focus EP on Swedish Brandy Productions.