Scissors’ latest track, “Feel the Beat,” released under the Distortion label, is an electrifying addition to the techno scene. This track masterfully blends elements of Tech House and Minimal Techno, creating a sound that is both energetic and aggressive.

The rhythmic structure is impeccable, driving the track forward with relentless intensity. The pulsating beats are complemented by a bassline that is both deep and punchy, providing a solid foundation that resonates throughout the entire track. Each layer is meticulously crafted, showcasing Scissors’ expertise in producing high-quality techno music.

“Feel the Beat” captures the essence of the dance floor, promising to keep listeners engaged and moving. Its powerful, immersive soundscape makes it a standout track in its genre. We are thrilled to feature such a compelling piece on our webzine, celebrating the creativity and talent of Scissors.