Keepsakes’ latest track, “FUNK THE INFLUENCE,” released under the OAKS label, is a high-energy masterpiece that seamlessly blends elements of techno, hard techno, and acid techno. From the outset, the track commands attention with its relentless rhythm, characterized by intricate percussive patterns that drive the beat forward with unyielding intensity.

The bassline is a standout feature, throbbing with a raw, pulsating energy that anchors the track. It weaves through the layers of the composition, providing a solid foundation for the acid-tinged synths that swirl and evolve throughout the piece. This interplay creates a dynamic and immersive listening experience, perfectly suited for the dance floor.

Overall, “FUNK THE INFLUENCE” showcases Keepsakes’ expertise in crafting top-tier techno tracks. Its energetic vibe and meticulous production make it a must-listen. We are thrilled to feature this outstanding track on our webzine, recognizing its quality and impact on the genre.