Spag Heddy returns with his new single “Never Thought,” for which he teamed up with rock/alt-pop singer Micah Martin of The Zealots band. The track follows a slightly different direction for Spag, who has previously focused on intensive bass and unique house sounds, in that it is less of a headbanging anthem than a saga through human emotion. Opening with wistful vocals and piano melodies, he then builds into a cinematic dubstep-style drop with some grimy synth effects that serve to truly embody the full and complex spectrum of feelings within the song. “Never Thought” may be Spag Heddy‘s the most emotional release to date and follows his recent release “Sorry,” both of which are from his upcoming debut studio album “The Noodle Effect,” coming out on June 16. Read on for what both Spag and Micah had to say about their stunning collaboration.

With ‘Never Thought,’ I wanted to make a song that didn’t focus on basslines but rather on a grand, majestic melodic theme. Micah‘s powerful voice and big, atmospheric style was the perfect fit for this one. His voice and lyrics gave the song emotional depth that, together with the uplifting melody and raw bass cuts, feels like a journey that ends in a big sort of space-battle climax. More than just a melodic dubstep song, to me, it’s a story of human emotion and music as an escape.” – Spag Heddy

I was on tour with my band and recorded this topline in the trailer on an off day. Hurricane Irma had just blown into Atlanta at the same time we did, so we had to pull over. After getting out of the trailer, I realized quite a few tall trees had blown over, and maybe recording in the middle of hurricane winds in the forest wasn’t the smartest idea. I sent to Spag Heddy, and the rest is history!” – Micah Martin