Berlin-based producer K4LT has sent us his latest work, “LCPD“, first single in two years and addresses one of the most painful breakup types: An amicable one. Since the release of the first EPEndgame“, the loss of loved ones and various other personal setbacks lead to probably the most difficult time in K4LT´s life. As a reaction, his sound has been refined into a less rock-orientated, slightly calmer and more structured approach, while still keeping the ominous overall aesthetic.

Honestly, it’s incredibly artistic with layers upon layers of varied elements of ambient electronica and post-punk… Sure, it’s different than what most people would define as an “instrument”; however, it’s artistry. It’s phenomenal. So incredibly unique and nothing like I’ve heard before… When listening to these tracks, it’s incredible how intricate and detailed they are. The artistry and innovation behind each of the songs inspire me“, says the artist.

K4LTs sound revolves around the universal feeling of being lost. The dark and bassy character of many songs is lend from Berlins´ techno scene, while the desperate guitar aesthetic is derived from Doom, lacking the often typical archetype and aggression. In contradiction to nowaday´s universal accessibility of perfection, K4LT´s music leaves room for imperfections and forms those into a display of contemporary, mobile-first insecurity and despair.