It’s called “ocean / wastebag” and it’s the latest work of the Australian electronic duo composed by StarAV (vocalist/songwriter) and Faithloss (producer). A very interesting track that delves into the intimacy of human nature.

ocean / wastebag” is a dualistic single presenting the dichotomy between ambition for the future and the inability to connect to the present. Expressive synth work and vocals combine to create a story about struggling to find a place in the world, which manifests interpersonally as wanting to have meant something more in a failed connection.

Faithloss had sent me some instrumentals and I’d(StarAV) written on a bunch of them – said StarAV -. Ultimately I decided that these two tracks were like two sides of the same coin and therefore put them together. I’ d mixed this project while I was at The Base Recording studios. Diego Wagner provided some additional mixing remotely.”

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