Today we have the pleasure to present “imaginary vows”, the new work of the American artist Jacoby Davani, aka JSDavani.

“Welcome to a collection of songs that encourage exploration and depth in getting ‘lost’ – JSDavani told us about his latest work -. Aside from the mallets, bells, and synthesizers used to compose these tracks, there are also ample environmental sounds incorporated from the use of field recordings and DIY found sound/sound collage work. Negative space, a concept more familiar to visual arts, is also approached as a dynamic tool and used to generate more contrast and effect, most notably on the track “liminal spacing”. A variety of existential concepts are addressed both directly within the samples and indirectly within the head space and inspiration of the sounds at large. These concepts include, but are not limited to the following: dreams, nature, memories, childhood and aging, wildlife, addiction, loss and coping, as well as the nature and dynamics of liminal space. I hope this collection helps you half as much as it has helped me, therapeutically. Thanks for stopping by”.

JSDavani is a multi-instrumentalist, he participated in the experimental music and arts scene in Atlanta, GA from 2006-2014, and during that lui time lui performed and collaborated with a number of local artists and groups (white lions, khovicoobah, butterface, mengele, pony payroll bones, among others). During the last several years of this era (2011-2014) his experimentation with music had deeply crossed over into experimentation with psychoactive substances (drugs) and as they so often do, things slowly became
increasingly self-destructive and dark.

A series of events resulted in going off the grid for approximately 5 years. During this time he got healthy, continued quietly making art and music, earned several degrees in psychology, and had children. In 2023, he finally decided to slowly begin self-releasing new and archived music. This is just one of many releases he plans to share.

Jacoby Davani has regularly displayed art (canvas paintings and photography) in various art galleries and exhibits. He has published photography in print and regularly contributes to behavior support articles in the magazine ‘Parenting Special Needs’, as part of his professional work by him as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, where he has worked with a variety of populations and diagnoses in a variety of environments for the past 7 years. This relates to the music as a career in mental health, while very
interesting and rewarding, can be quite stressful. Jacoby uses his art and music as his own personal therapy. This particular EP has become equally therapeutic in its’ own right.