The American producer indigos paradise sent us his latest work, “HANDS ON DECK” and for us it is a real pleasure to share it with you and let you listen to it. Dark atmospheres, engaging and hypnotic groove: this track blends quality deep elements with a melodic techno soul. The rhythm features some very interesting “backbeats”. Good job!

The second work that we have the pleasure of listening to – also produced by the American artist indigos paradise – is “BRAKE LIGHTS”. This track – unlike the first – shows a more energetic and techno soul. Massive bassline and dark atmosphere demonstrate the great talent of this artist.

We close this series of songs by the American producer indigos paradise with his most energetic work: “CONCENTRATE”. We are faced with a track that shows acid elements, a melodic, experimental and very courageous vibe. Great talent and quality, can we wish for better?