It’s called “Little Black Book” and it’s the last interesting work of the British producer Shaampoo Records.

This song is a little different and a mash up of styles, a great bridge between rock and dance on a playlist, particularly for alternative rock and UK garage kinda vibes.

Little Black Book, like many of my tracks, was written out of frustration with like of environmental action against climate change and preserving nature. Music wise, really it is a mash up, it started a lot slower as more of a groovy rock song, but in the end I decided it needed higher energy so I shipped it up and almost made it UK garage! Essentially I threw all my little black book full of tricks at it -. Shaampoo Records told us – Little Black Book is a reflection of my social media’s attitude towards climate change, everyone is lazy, doesn’t want to take any action or worse denies it. It is rallying for a strong leader to stand up and take charge, as well as people to take responsibility for their actions as citizens of the earth”.