Straahl is an electronic music project born in Venice in 2016, the result of the collaboration between childhood friends Riccardo Zampieri (Votre) and Nicolò Fabris, both designers and musicians with the shared goal of expressing the most hidden self through their music. Through different sonic dimensions, the goal of their music is to represent and narrate the fluidity of feelings. This musical path took shape from the meeting of various currents, from the atmospheres of techno and breakbeat of the 90s, to the incisiveness of UK bass and hip hop, finally arriving at the refinement of downtempo.

Liaison invites us to explore the beauty and strength of love towards ourselves, underlining that it is through our ability to embrace lightness, determination, and constancy that we can cultivate a lasting bond with ourselves.

This track reverberates the warmth generated by such love, envelops us with courage, and pushes us toward inner freedom. The arpeggio moves lightly, almost as if it were immune to fear and negative emotions. It constantly evolves throughout the track in a dynamic and immersive sonic experience, never static but always deeply penetrating and powerful. It is a sonic experience that enchants and inspires, a musical portrait of the beauty and power of self-love.