We’re thrilled to feature “resting soul” by stuckinwaveforms on our webzine for a review. Released under the yourspiritualfriend label, this track is an intricate blend of IDM, Glitch, Jungle, and Breakbeat.

“resting soul” showcases an impressive rhythmic complexity, weaving together erratic glitch patterns with the high-energy syncopation characteristic of Jungle. The percussion is a standout, with meticulously crafted breakbeats that drive the track forward, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

The bassline adds depth and warmth, grounding the frenetic rhythms with a smooth, rolling undertone. Its subtle yet powerful presence enhances the track’s atmospheric qualities, invoking a sense of introspection and serenity amidst the chaotic beats.

Overall, “resting soul” is a masterful composition that balances technical prowess with emotional depth, making it a standout piece in the contemporary IDM and Breakbeat scene. This track is a testament to stuckinwaveforms’ ability to create music that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant.