Valentino Nascosto’s latest track, “Alive,” released under the Valentino label, is a vibrant addition to the tech house genre. From the first beat, the rhythm captures your attention with its crisp and meticulously crafted percussion. The intricate layers of hi-hats and claps create an infectious groove that keeps you moving.

The bassline is the heart of “Alive.” It’s deep, rolling, and perfectly synced with the rhythm, providing a solid foundation that drives the track forward. This bassline not only adds depth but also injects an undeniable energy that is both uplifting and immersive.

“Alive” exudes an energetic and happy vibe, making it a perfect anthem for late-night dance floors or any setting that needs a boost of positive energy. We are thrilled to feature this track on our webzine, as it showcases Valentino Nascosto’s skill in blending technical precision with an emotive, feel-good sound.