Our Fault” is the new work of the electronic duo Trust the Mask, formed by the Italian artists Elisa Dal Bianco and Vittoria Cavedon. This passage represents a real letter of apology to Mother Earth from human beings, acknowledging their faults and for having altered the climate almost irreparably with pollution.

Synthesizers that blend and create cyber, glitch, and industrial atmospheres, wink at pop/dance music and give life to real sound works of art.

After “Will you come” and “Otaku“, “Our Fault” represents the third single from the debut album “Idiom“, released in 2023 and released on Bronson Recordings:

“Trust the Mask is looking for a connection. Connection to the world in an increasingly fragmented global environment. “Our Fault” is a letter of apology to Mother Earth. Written during the lockdown, when it seemed clear enough that Nature was sending us a terrible message after centuries of abuse. A song that began by experimenting with arpeggios on a vintage accordion to which analog synthesizers, virtual pipe organs and layers of choral samples have been added. It is again Vittoria’s extraordinary voice that drives the narrative as a conscience that reminds us of all the mistakes that humanity has committed”, says Trust the Mask.

Trust the Mask” is a sweet melody, where voices and electronic elements intertwine and give life to a fascinating journey. The listener is suspended in a spaceless, experimental and metaphysical dimension.