Caitlin LM is an electronic producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Manchester. Her ethereal vocals and live instruments meld with pulsating synths and undulating beats to create a powerful yet intimate soundworld.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Bonobo, Jon Hopkins and Thom Yorke, her music flows from vulnerability to defiance.

Last summer, Caitlin took part in the Sage Gateshead Summer Studios artist development program and has recently joined the roster of No Such Thing records.

​In the past, she has recorded and toured across the UK and Europe with afro-fusion band Agbeko, and played across the UK and South Africa with singer/songwriter duo Oystercatcher.

“I produced this track myself in my home studio, later working with my violinist and cellist to lay down the string lines – Caitlin LM sayd – . Most of this track came together in one morning, in one of those beautiful moments where you get so deep into what you’re doing that you lose track of time. I produced it at a point where I was really trying to improve at doing and moving rather than overthinking and holding yourself back, which is where the name ‘kinetic’ comes from”.