The Bald-faced Sun” is the advanced single from the 3rd album by Sardinian shadow ambient artist Shedir.

Shedir is the sonic brainchild of Sardinian composer Martina Betti, who since 2017 has been creating ambient-oriented music, often eloquently navigating the razor edge between dark, visceral variety and tranquil eno-esque style soundscapes. Betti’s “sonic map,” as she calls it, is influenced by her surroundings in Sardinia. The bleak and constant noise of her town’s massive petroleum refinery’s overshadowing aural weight, with the sinister sound of sirens and the roaring flames from the dual torches towering over the coastal Sardinian village, breaking the night tranquility.

Betti’s environmental influences are in sharp juxtaposition with the traditional chants and old prayers connecting her to her home island’s magically historical roots that also permeate her creative process. With Shedir, Betti focuses on creating sonic landslides that evade categorization. As a result, there is an alien undercurrent in her music’s rich textures and harmonically layered narratives, which effortlessly orbit the psychological effects of the physical world around us.