Losing Control” is the title track off of American producers Xotix’s new EP! It’s about the different ways we distract ourselves through addictions like social media, substances, and more. It’s also about how we find order, control, and peace through music and life.

Richie Lucov and Jake Bragonier discovered their mutual passion for sound design and bass in 2019. Hailing from Santa Rosa, CA, their shared musical vision gave birth to Xotix, a dynamic duo that combines hard-hitting beats with glitchy textures and intricate soundscapes. Xotix has made a name for themselves by creating music that appeals to both headbangers at the front row and discerning listeners at the back.

They have releases on notable labels such as Wakaan, Bassrush, Subsidia, Wubaholics, and Sleeveless Records, and broke necks during their debut festival season in 2022, appearing at Lost Lands, Bass Canyon, Lightning in a Bottle and North Coast, among many others. Xotix is poised to crush this year with new releases, high-profile collaborations, and even more high-caliber shows and festivals. From their beginnings in a peaceful Northern California town, Xotix has risen to become a force to be reckoned with, commanding venues and large stages alike. With their unique sound and undeniable energy, the Xotix boys are coming, and they’re ready to conquer the electronic music scene.