Zone 891” by Olivier Abbeloos x Analog Devices was released in May 13th 2021 exclusively at Beatport & Spotify. The ‘others platforms will release it in June 2021).

This track transports the clubber into an addictive feeling, that special one which is very characteristic of the belgian early raves vibe.

It has been produced by Olivier Abbeloos. Aka T99. He started his career in 1986. He is concidered as the father of the New Beat genra, that directly influenced the roots of modern Techno.

He teamed up with Analog Devices, He is the living monument of the Brussel s underground scene, He is also one of the leading member of the very firsts Rave Party in Belgium that contributed to ùale the genre more and more popular He participated in musical project such as B.W.P. Experiments (Bonzai Records), and was very active with party concept like Subground Techology & Rava Explosions. These concepts aez still considered as one of the very best in 2021.

Two legends together for a strong oldschool production with the modern touch. Beth of both world, authenticity and accuracy.

If you’d like to find out more about the vinyls projects, i will gladly send you the press release.

Released in collaboration with MMA Records Belgium our digital label.