We are dealing with a cyber attack in a futuristic scenario: this is “Cyber Warfare“, the new cyberpunk track by the Italian producer TheDamnedKirai. The song will be released on May 5, 2023.

TheDamnedKirai is a feelings to electronic music translator from Rome (Italy), he takes care of every aspect of his music, from production, to mixing, mastering, graphics and video making.

The music that he makes it’s not bound to a specific scheme, but is a vessel to express, it’s something that is different from what is commonly heard, and so usually is hard to confine it into a genre, because what is produced by TheDamnedKirai is often a stream of consciousness that wants to bring the listener into an unexplored world, where you can accomodate and listen, in the domain of Electronic Dance Music.

His major influences come from the world of alternative music, a world that TheDamnedKirai wanted to mix with the world of electronic music, another musical world that has always fascinated him.