German producer Uwe Thoma shared his latest work, “Inferno” with us. Released on Affenkäfig Blue Records, this track is a shocking and engaging techno triumph. Flames, Dantesque circles and a tunnel we can’t get out of. “Inferno” is just like that.

In the mid-1990s Uwe Thoma started as DJ at raves and in clubs. He played his first gigs as a supporter for Jens Mahlstedt, Chris Liebling, Wighnomy Brothers (Robag Wruhme), Miss Kittin and Roland Casper.

Years of productions, remixes and projects of all kinds followed.

Music and art were often the driving force in his life. This was last shown in the production “Der leise Raum” with Marc DePulse on Einmusika Rec. In which Uwe breathed life into the song with his voice.

Uwe plays electronic music that cannot be “categorized” uniformly.