DJ and producer Mia Moretti’s enchanting track “Piano de la Selva” underwent a refreshing transformation by Women On Wax imprint founder, DJ MINX. Featuring the queen of Bullerengue, Petrona Martínez, this rework introduces an extra layer of complexity where the three worlds of Colombian Bullerengue, Tech House, and Detroit Techno, and three queens, collide. All three women, pioneers in their respective fields, prove not just their sonic flexibility, but an ability to transcend genres and share their love of music. DJ MINX demonstrates her expertise in crafting compelling dance environments through her remix, infusing the track with a pronounced rhythmic groove and seducing the listener into her world.

This groundbreaking collaboration signifies a melding of styles and influences, rendering this remix a vibrant, multi-layered piece that honors the original spirit while undoubtedly being signature Minx. Since solidifying her position as a pioneering force in the DJ scene, Mia Moretti has recently forged into production and launched her own label, Spaghetti Moretti Records. Her debut EP, “TAMBOR”, showcases her ability to weave together culturally diverse sounds and rhythms into a cohesive and engaging package. Mia’s unique music style has been featured at high-profile events such as the MET Ball, Coachella Valley Music Festival, and countless fashion shows around the world. With each new release and live performance, Mia proves that her career trajectory is unmistakably on the rise.