Hybrid Feelings” by Colombian producer Misticeti creates a driving and sophisticated vibe with its surf rock undertones, groovy analogue bassline and dembow style beat. Conjuring up a swirl of emotions – from inspiration to confusion – the song reflects my life transition when moving from Colombia to Denmark. The song gradually builds tension until it reaches an emotive breakdown that captures the vulnerability of change.

While producing documentaries in remote regions of his native Colombia, Juan Manuel Vásquez heard the mysterious songs of Humpback whales that migrated through the pacific ocean. His sudden connection with this creature (named Mysticeti in the scientific world) sparked an exploration of natural soundscapes from Latin America with electronic music. This marked the beginning of his first solo-project: Misticeti. 

Misticeti combines groovy analogue basslines, latin american surf rock and psychedelic electronic atmospheres to convey mysticism and play. Two forces merge in his music: one which pulls towards the dancefloor and the other to introspection. Gathering inspiration from some of his favorite artists from the UK, like Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Bonobo and Four Tet, he adds his Latin American spirit to this mix. The result is an uncanny sound that is left field, fun and accessible.

Misticeti will release his debut EPs on LOCI records on June 2023, a label owned by the renowned electronic music artist Emancipator.